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Changes at Johnk Family Farm LLC

We have been busy making many changes around our farm. Due to Becky's health we have had to refocus our farm goals and plan. Over the winter Becky was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. For more information about AS -


This was a lot for us, as a family to take in at first. Accepting that Becky could not keep up with the work load she once did. But, together Alex and Becky came up with a more manageable farm plan. Alex works full-time off the farm and Becky in on the farm full-time with there daughter, Lorraine.


We decided for the time we had to postpone our dream of a micro A2A2 raw milk dairy. We sold many of our young Guernsey heifers and purchased a Hereford bull named "Buddy". We purchased him from a neighboring farm, and could not be more pleased with his temperament.

We could not part with our older dairy cows so we decided it would be beneficial to breed them to Hereford. We have found that dairy/beef crosses make great mothers because they produce even more milk for there offspring.


We also decided to expand in our pygmy goats. Becky decided it would be a nice venture to add registered pygmy goats to our existing herd. Lorraine also loves her goats!


We had purchased reefer trailer to use for our dairy but have decided it would be very beneficial to turn them into heated kidding barns for our expanding goats herd!


We are pleased with our hog set up at this time.

We farrow year-round with about 15 sows. We sell piglets and also raise feeder pigs to sell from our farm stand and as halves.

This past year we worked to have our pork, NY Grown and Certified. There was many steps and training to receive this certification. We worked with Greene County Soil and water as well as taking Pork Quality Assurance classes and certifications. We are very proud of this.

Our next step is to have our beef NY Grown and Certified!


Did you know we have a farm stand on our farm?

We do! We try our best to keep is stocked and well kept. It is run on the honor system and also by appointment. Contact us @


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