Half Berkshire Hog

We ask $4.75 a pound hanging weight


Due to high demands of our butcher we only have two options for cutting a half.

Our average half weighs about 100 lbs.


​Approximately consists of:

​1 Ham, 20lb - Smoked or Fresh

​1 Slab of Bacon - Sliced and wrapped in 1lb packages

​1 Pork Loin and/or 30-35 Pork Chops

​1 Pork Butt

1 Pork Shoulder

Sausage - about 6lbs of Breakfast/Sweet/hot

​1 Rack of Spare Ribs

​2 Hocks - Fresh/Smoked or for Sausage


​Our meat has great marbling due to our selective breeding of Berkshire hogs!

We are taking reservation for 2021 at this time and require a $100 deposit to hold your half.

Please contact Becky at 518-573-1977 via text message or becky@johnkfamilyfarm.com to reserve!

​Please contact us with any questions!

Hog Dates 2021

February - Sold out

March - Sold out


April - Sold out Projected delivery/pick-up date - 4/27/21


May - Sold out Taking reservations Projected delivery/pick-up date 5/31/21 or 6/1/21


June - Sold out Taking reservations (more details to come) Projected delivery/pick-up date 6/29/21


July - Please shop at our Farmstand or pre-order 


August - MANY OPENINGS Taking reservations (more details to come) Projected delivery/pick-up date 8/17/21


September - Almost Sold Out! 


October - Almost Sold Out! 

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