Half Berkshire Hog

We ask $5.00 a pound hanging weight 


Due to high demands of our butcher we only have two options for cutting a half. Our average half weighs about 100 lbs.


​Approximately consists of-

​1 Ham, or Ham Steaks - Smoked or Fresh

​1 Slab of Bacon - Sliced and wrapped in 1lb packages

​1 Pork Loin and/or about 30 Pork Chops

​1 Pork Butt

1 Pork Shoulder

Sausage - about 6lbs of Breakfast/Sweet/hot

​1 Rack of Spare Ribs


Additional options

- Sausage links (extra fee)

        - Smoked hocks (fresh or smoked)

        - Boneless pork chops and Baby back ribs

        - Liverwurst (extra charge)

        - Fat back

        - Liver (if good)

​Our meat has great marbling due to our selective breeding of Berkshire hogs. Please consider getting a whole hog for more cut options.

We are taking reservation for 2022 at this time and require a $100 deposit to hold your half.

Please contact Becky at becky@johnkfamilyfarm.com to reserve or with any questions!

2022 TENATIVE HOG DATES(dates ready are an estimate)

January 10th – Ready 1/18/22 (SOLD OUT)

February 14th – Ready 2/22/22 (SOLD OUT)

March 7th – Ready 3/15/22 (SOLD OUT)

April 4th – Ready 4/12/22 (SOLD OUT)

May 9th – Ready 5/17/22 (SOLD OUT)

June 27th – Ready 7/5/22 (SOLD OUT) 

July – Dedicated to the Greene County Youth Fair!

August 8th – Ready 8/16/22 (SOLD OUT)

August 22nd - Ready 8/30/22 Full 

September 26th – Ready 10/4/22 Email becky@johnkfamilyfarm.com for availability 

October 10th – Ready 10/18/22  Email becky@johnkfamilyfarm.com for availability 


June 5th – Ready 6/15/22  (SOLD OUT)

September 18th – Ready 9/21/22 (SOLD OUT)

October 9th – Ready 10/19/22 Email becky@johnkfamilyfarm.com for availability 

November 6th – Ready 11/16/22 Email becky@johnkfamilyfarm.com for availability 

Also, please let us know if you would like to be on our waiting list for 2023 beef! 

Half hog explained.jpg

Tentative 2023 Hog Dates 

January 16th 

February 6th 

March 27th 

May 1st 

June 5th 

June 26th 

August 14th 

September 11th 

October 16th 

October 30th