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Becky, Rainy & Fancy
Alex, Rainy & Ted

Becky and Alex Johnk started their adventure in farming on their own in 2013 with a few pigs and a couple dairy cows. They quickly realized they needed a niche and got into the Berkshire breed of pigs due to their excellent meat quality. In 2015 they purchased their property in the northern Catskills. Their farm has undergone several transformations to get to the point it is at today. Part of owning a farm is figuring out what does and does not work. Currently they have a growing beef herd, a breeding herd of Berkshire sows, and a registered herd of Pygmy goats, while making all their own hay. Currently the Johnks market 96 market hogs and 26 steers a year and continue to grow. They focus on high-quality animals fed right. Their cattle are rotationally grazed and fed a mixed diet of pasture, hay, and grain. There Berkshire hogs are fed a grain-based diet grown on local farms. The animals are marketed through direct sales. The farm is at 4037 State Route 81 in Greenville. Currently they do not offer walk up tours, but tours can be scheduled by contacting Becky at well (weeks!) in advance.​The Johnks continue to focus on improving their genetics and land. "The land is our single biggest asset that must be left better than we found it for future generations." They want a successful business their young daughter Lorraine, who has a love of animals, can be a part of. The future's looking good for the Johnks. They have grown their farm to a sustainable level over the past few years. This has allowed them to now focus on efficiency, safety, and sustainability to support the farm for future generations...

The Passion Behind the Business

Becky, Rainy and Alex
Becky, Rainy & Alex
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